Thursday, July 05, 2007

NOAA investiages Hurricane Center and more

NOAA does a unannounced review of the National Hurricane Center here:
Center Director Bill Proenza has been chastised by his bosses, after he publicly complained about budget shortfalls and the federal government's failure to replace a key aging satellite that his forecasters use.

Commerce Undersecretary Conrad Lautenbacher said the review that started Monday was launched because he became aware "of concerns about (the hurricane center's) ability to meet its mission." He did not give specifics.

(The conspiracy theorist in me says its Global Warming that is driving this investigation. NOT!) I think it could be that GW and the Katrina response has NOAA worried about the NHC performance.

From the Accuweather Global Warming Blog about the cover up on temperature readings at NOAA sites here:
The Roger Pielke Sr. Research group has been trying without much success to obtain official photos of the U.S. Historical Climate Network (HCN) recording sites from NOAA since 2002. The HCN sites are used to diagnose the monthly and yearly surface temperature anomalies across the United States. The U.S. data is also included in the global temperature anomalies that we are constantly seeing in the media.

Here is the link to Climate Science blog here.

Again, the reporting stations of the HCN are done by volunteers. I think NOAA is protecting them from the conspiracy theorist nuts and possible inconsistencies of reporting data from the stations.

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