Thursday, April 28, 2005

Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust awards

I support the commercial use of space and an avid reader of Robert A. Heinlein. The trustees of Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust have established "The Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize For Accomplishments in Commercial Space Activities”. The prize 'recognizes the practical accomplishments of individuals in the field of commercial space activities”. The cash award is $500,000. The Heinleins' award shares their dream of a “future of humankind expanding ever outward into space.” The link to the award information is at the Heinlein Society site.

OCSS Shuttle display at Discovery Museum

Two members of Orange County Space Society (local chapter of the National Space Society), Kaya and Mary Tuncer, have donated a full scale nose section of a Space Shuttle orbiter. It will be constructed under the Giant Cube at the Discovery Science Center near the Santa Ana Main Place mall off the I-5 freeway. It should be ready for viewing on Sunday, May 15 at the DSC. More information can be found on the OCSS web site at

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Friday, April 15, 2005

What a week for space!

What a week for space! The senate has approved Griffin for the NASA Administrator position, ISS expedition crew has launched to the space station and Dart is launched to rendezvous with a satellite. I found an interesting article on why humans need space; to work, to live and to survive!