Thursday, March 09, 2006

March Storm and Luddies!

I'm so behind on the March Storm in DC this week lead by ProSpace and other Space groups here. I've been reading MarsBlog about his coverage on the Anti-Nuke groups that don't want War or Nukes in space. The problem with that is we have to defend our assets. What if we can't protect our satellites? What would happen if all the cells phones stopped working or we could not report massive hurricanes coming at the Gulf coast? Duh! I believe in Peace with strength, as a Reagan conservative. (And I think Star Wars is a good idea). Space Hawks they call us. Well, I call it Survival of the Strongest. Protect the peaceful people who don't want to take over the world either by Communism or Islamic fanatics. I love America, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution (as a Paper Document, not a Living one), the Founding Fathers (I don't care if they were bigoted slave owning White Males!) and our freedoms that I cherish. Defending Space will protect our way of life and the life’s of the Looney Liberal Luddies who complain the Space Hawks will take over and create a military BushHitlerNazi regime!

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