Friday, March 24, 2006

Falcon 1 lost power into one minute of flight

I'm sad to say the Falcon 1 flight failed today into one minute of flight. In the past, NASA too had failed launches. I recall the Vanguard TV-3 (Dec 6, 1957). It slightly went up a few feet and fell down and collapsed in a heap at the launch pad. At least Falcon got up there in the blue sky. Keep trying Elon! You'll have success.

Falcon 1 is a 70-foot-long, two-stage rocket powered by liquid oxygen and kerosene. Its first stage is designed to parachute into the ocean to be recovered and used again.

The Falcon 1 is intended to be the first in a family of low-cost rockets. SpaceX said that even before the first launch it already had eight contracts for launches through 2010 valued at nearly $200 million.

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