Tuesday, September 07, 2010

NASA 41 years of covering up Global Warming

The long-trusted formula has been used by climatologists without question – until now. The researchers report that the numbers used in those equations are the “first assumption that climate science makes when predicting the Earth’s temperature.”

The “Stefan-Boltzmann” equation is, apparently, remarkably simplistic and arbitrary, so much so that NASA actually abandoned the use of that equation when preparing for the Apollo Mission in the 1960′s. You read that right; this equation was deemed not good enough for NASA more than forty years ago. And yet it is still the equation upon which climate scientists base their assumptions.

The problem with the equation is that it does not factor in the earth’s crust varying capacity for absorbing heat; instead treating it as a two-dimensional, uniform “black body.”

NASA had found that daytime temperatures on the lunar surface were lower than expected because planetary bodies also conduct heat to their inside rather than radiating it all into space – an empirical fact that challenges the GHG theory. Computer models supporting GHG theory had predicted that such heat energy would be ‘blanketed’ above a planet’s surface.

In fact, the Apollo data proves the Moon’s surface temperatures throughout its two-week night were higher than predicted by the blackbody equations because the moon “feeds on” the heat it had previously absorbed.

Thus the success of NASA’s moon landings becomes evidence against the unreliability of the Stefan- Boltzmann equations in real world science.

Worse, however, than the flaw in the equation, is that this fact has remained covered up by NASA from the first Lunar landing until now, nearly 41 years.
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