Thursday, January 28, 2010

Challenger 24 years ago

A memory from Holyoke here:
The effects of the Challenger explosion were far reaching in both location and time. It seems no matter where people were, they heard about the tragedy. HJHS teacher Kevin Asbury noted he was underwater, on a submarine when it happened. They heard via radio communication, but it wasn’t until they resurfaced that he and the other men finally saw the stories and watched the explosion.

To this day, the Challenger is still influencing the nation. When asked about their memories of the explosion, most people still stop, taking a moment to reflect on all that was lost on that day. Even those who were too young to remember the actual event learned about it in school, and McAuliffe’s face is still seen in classrooms here in Holyoke.

For some, the Challenger played a larger role than others. Clark Ginapp shared that his nephew, who was in grade school at the time of the Challenger launch, was so impacted by the event that he went on to a career at Johnson Space Center. It’s hard to tell just how extensive the effect of the explosion is on people today, but it is certainly still an event that lives on in people’s memories.

Great link here from Timelines with videos.

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