Sunday, April 05, 2009

Stick to Bad Astronomy

I wish Bad Astronomy would stick to Bad Astronomy. I know it is a science blog run by Discover Magazine and written by Phil Plait but talking about social or political issues is not Science or Astronomy. I'm talking about the recent ruling in Iowa about same sex marriage. Here is Phil's comments:


And perfectly correct. I’d add "of course", but some folks don’t get it. But it really is simple. We have two choices, legally: allow any consenting adults to be legally married, or allow none. This is because there’s a difference between being married legally — in the eyes of the law — and being married religiously. If your established religion hates teh ghey, then (besides that being your loss) don’t allow them to marry within that religion. But the State has no legal right to tell people to be married or not. So if it allows consenting oppositely-polarized heterosexual couples to be married and exact benefits from it, then they cannot consistently bar any two consenting adults, heterosexual or otherwise.

I want to say so much more but I'm keeping my blog just focused on Space and related subjects. What is important to me on this blog is I don't give a hoot what sexual preference one has.( Or wants to marry his pet dog for that matter.) We are all humans and all I want to talk about is space, Astronomy and space program policies.

I have a personal Blog where I do talk about social and political issues there.

I like you Phil very much and respect your Bad Astronomy. But please stick to the subject of Astronomy and leave the social engineering to the other blogs. Please!

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