Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why I must leave the Orange County Space Society

My husband and I have been members for almost ten years. I have always been a proud supporter of the National Space Society. The local chapters give a grass roots appeal to the Advocacy of Space programs. And OCSS has been one terrific Local chapter and very active, winning many top awards at NSS annual meetings.

Our president Michelle Evans has made an issue of the Prop 8 in our November newsletter. She has called the Yes on 8 issue a bigoted proposition. I disagree. The issue does not attack Gays and Lesbians. The issue does not impose any religious beliefs on anyone. What the issue does is provide parents the rights to teach our kids about Traditional Marriage. Marriage is part of our society. And studies show that children raised by a Mom and a Dad do the best.

My problem with Michelle is this Prop 8 issue is not a "space related" issue. She clams that it is a diversity issue. We are a diverse society, but how is our civilization to move ahead if we can't raise a generation of space faring people? We need the traditional family unit to procreate and further the Human race. Civil unions are legal in California. Even Elton John said the No on Prop. 8 people got it wrong. You don't need "Marriage" to legally live with a partner of the same sex.

My firm commitment to the space faring race will continue, its just I'll change my chapter affiliation. There is much diversity in this universe and I'll go find it with another local chapter. (Like with Oasis, the Los Angeles chapter).

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