Friday, August 15, 2008

Space Policy debate between campaigns

I knew that Lori Garver would be Obama's space policy expert since she was John F Kerry's expert in 2004. John McCain's expert is Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham. HT to Terrestial Mussings here. The great debate was yesterday at the Mars Society Convention in Denver.
Noted that Lori is more up to speed on space advocacy than Walt. But I have this gut feeling Lori just wants an administration position.(I wonder why she picks the Democrats instead of the Republicans?) Lori is a wantabe space tourist while Walt has been there on Official Business!
I know I'm biased in that I support John McCain for president. But I wanted to see this debate happen between both campaigns and my hats off to the Mars Society for hosting it. We can see what both sides present and then take it to the ballot box in November. But since I'm a space fan and love the space program, I think its great that McCain got the real deal in Walt Cunningham.

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