Monday, July 28, 2008

More on Mitchell's Alien Comments

From Florida Today a blog here.
From Best Syndication here; Astronaut Claims US Government Covered Up UFOs

A blurb from Jerry Pournelle here:
In any event, I came upstairs to get something (flashlight and magnifying glass to examine the dog's foot, actually) just as Hoagland was coming on Noory's show, and he seemed a bit skeptical; which is intriguing. But I had to get back downstairs and missed it. I presume the show is on the web somewhere and I'll try to make time to listen: it should be in the first quarter hour of the show's beginning; and I would be interested in Hoagland's take. When he's not overcome by his beliefs, Dick Hoagland can be informative (and he's almost always interesting).

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