Friday, August 10, 2007

No Drinking NASA found

No Evidence US Astronauts Drunk For Missions Says NASA
Cape Canaveral (AFP) - The US space agency NASA said it had found no evidence to support damaging reports that astronauts had turned up drunk for missions. The specialist journal Aviation Week and Space Technology quoted NASA administrator Michael Griffin as saying NASA investigations showed "zero evidence" that any astronaut had shown up for mission drunk in the past 10 years. Speaking after Wednesday evening's launch of the shuttle Endeavour on the latest US space mission, Griffin told reporters that launches of shuttles and Russian Soyuz spacecraft over the past 10 years had been reviewed and no sign of drinking found. "We can't even find where it would be a possibility," he said, in comments carried Thursday in US media. The aviation journal, which first broke the story last month, also quoted a US Air Force doctor involved in investigating the claims, Richard Bachmann, as saying that they were based on merely "anecdotal accounts."

I think this sounds like Aviation Week is doing what The National Review is doing with "Shock Troops?" Were is the background and information checks on the anecdotal accounts?

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